2 time- and money-saving Dynamics 365 scenarios for companies working with outsourcing partners and a call center

When the amount of incoming tickets is expected to increase, we also need to expand the number of actions performed automatically.

We’ll consider two Dynamics 365-scenarios for companies that cooperate with outsourcing partners and a call center: money-saving and time-saving.

  1. Postcode routing. Automatic search and assignment of the closest partner.

As soon as our client has filled in the postcode on the site, it appears in our CRM on the case form. We use Google API to determine the coordinates of the nearest partner. The case is automatically assigned to this partner, then a notification is sent to him. If this partner accepts the assignment, actions through the portal become available to him: exchange of documents, entering all the necessary data.

The employees are excluded from the process. Thus, they have less load. There is no need to hire additional employees to maintain the quality and efficiency of the work. It takes a lot of time to select a partner manually, and errors due to the human factor are also possible (something can be missed in the flow of Outlook emails).

2. Creation of cases in CRM directly from the emails sent by the call center and from the portal page.

We get emails through different channels: direct calls, through the call center (if we do not have time to answer ourselves), via email. We use plugins that parse all emails and files from the call center, then create cases.

Do you want to apply a similar scenario to your business? UDS team has impressive experience in such customizations. You can always ask for advice on how to make your system more rational — contact us. And welcome to the UDS blog for inspiration!



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